Northiam Conservation Society
Northiam Conservation Society was set up in 1987 with the following objectives:
  • to promote high standards of planning in the Parish;
  • to educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of the area of benefit; and,
  • to secure the preservation, protection development of the features of historic and public interest in the area.
Northiam is in an ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’(AONB) with a designated Conservation Area running from the junction of Beales Lane/Main Street to Brickwall House and gardens (Frewen College). The village has many listed buildings and structures, including some Grade 1 and Grade II* listings.  AONBs, Conservation Areas, and Listed Buildings each carry specific requirements in terms of planning applications - over and above what is normally required - and maintaining these is important for the enjoyment of current residents and future generations. A number of trees in the village have Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) on them which limit work that can be carried out. The Society checks and responds to all planning applications for the village and monitors TPOs. If you need advice or wish to discuss any conservation matters please contact our Chairman, Mr Mervyn Hayes.
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April 2013
(email: tel: 01797 253443)
  Northiam Conservation Society Annaul Report - 2017
The Society has over 500 members (membership costs £2.00 per person per year). Money raised from member subscriptions and social events is used to benefit the village. In its lifetime the Society has spent over £27,000 supporting various village organisations, as needed, and purchasing items for the village. Major purchases have included:
  • Harlot’s Wood
  • the village beacon
  • the metal Northiam signpost at the end of the village
  • repairing or replacing all the wooden signposts around the village.
  • providing benches and litter bins
  • planting spring bulbs on green triangles in the village
The Society will be funding essential repairs to the Village Pump House, which will cost in the region of £2000, and will be contributing towards the cost of improvements to the war memorial.
Conservation Society Committee Members
Please contact Mervyn Hayes (01797 253443) or Email Mervyn Hayes) for information about the Society and its events, or if there are any conservation issues that you wish to discuss or bring to the attention of the Society.

Melvyn Hayes

Deputy Chairman
Julian Luckett

Dr Lynn Hayes

Jane Brickwell

Ruth Cooper

Jan Jutsam

Pete Sargent

Simon Smith

Alan Worley