Northiam & District Historical & Literary Society
The Society was formed in the 1950's to promote a wider understanding of local and national history and literary subject in an informal and friendly atmosphere through short lectures.
The Society is run by a Council of members who meet 5 times a year to organise the Society's activities.
The Society meets at the Northiam village Hall during the Autumn-Winter-Spring season.
Cauthar Tooley (Chair) 01797 252300
Michael Clark (Membership Seretary) 01797 253428

Contact Michael Clark
Carol Ward (Hon. Secretary) Contact 01797 253899
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Forthcoming be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.........
Tues. 10th October Tues. 24th October Tues. 7th November Tues. 21st November
Tuesday 12th December
Tuesday 13th February
Tuesday 9th January
Tuesday 27th February
Tuesday 23rd January
Tuesday 13th March