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Blue Cross Vote Results - 8th April 2018
Origins Of The Blue Cross
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Response To Saville's Housing Proposal
Blue Cross Consultation
A consultation on the possible purchase of the Blue Cross site will start Friday 9th March. Each qualifying HOUSEHOLD that pays the Northiam precept will receive an envelope over the next few days containing a leaflet, voting slip and return envelope. Deliveries are being audited to ensure no qualifying is missed.
There will be an 'Open Day' on Sunday 18th March at the Village Hall (12.00pm -6.00pm) and the count will be on Sunday 8th April, also at the Village Hall at 2.30pm.
Exception Site Housing
One of the proposals we at NPC have for the Blue Cross site is something called an 'exception site'. This is a small development of housing which are affiliated to Northiam residents ONLY. The first part of the process is a housing survey. The results are presented to RDC and a company is engaged to manage the build. Unlike 'affordable housing', as with developments like 'Donsmead', the occupancy is regulated by the Village NOT Rother. This is a special type of development that has specific rules and regulations. The site is built outside the development boundary and on gifted land. Occupancy is a mix of Part Owned and Rented. When a resident/s wishes to move on the house reverts back to the village NOT the open market.
We have ambitious plans to bring the site 'back to life' with local businesses, a 'micro pub', educational facilities and many other ideas.
We have a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to save this precious resources, in perpetuity for future generations.

Please remember vote to indicate whether or not you support this project. Also, you must enter your address on the form in order for your vote to count, as this is classed as a consultation not an election

Open Day - Sunday 18th March Vote Count - Sunday 8th April
Village Hall 12.00pm - 6.00pm Village Hall - 2.30pm