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Notes from 10th October

If there is any one thing one can say about our meetings it is that they are never boring, in fact they can, on occasion, be quite entertaining. There was a good deal of laughter on this particular occasion.

Unfortunately Cllr Johnson (DJ) was unable to attend due to health reasons and a couple of Cllrs had to declare their interest in a couple of the planning applications.

The siting of “SLOW DOWN” signs in the approach to Donsmead was suggested.

Pete reported that a planning application had been made to place a large PortaKabin at the Village Hall for location of the library and that new “NO PARKING” signs are being prepared for the restricted by-way on the Village Green. Our current Litter Picker has had to step down, but we have a replacement volunteer in mind.

Tony Biggs had attended a meeting involving representatives from all over East Sussex intended to try and address the matter of speeding in villages.

Jacqui Harding had attended the AGM of the Sussex Association of Local Councils.

Dist Cllr Ganly reported that RDC had refused planning permission for commercial development in Bexhill area due to RDC not having a strategy plan in place.

There were five planning applications, one of which was withdrawn and there were no objections to the remainder.

Debbie Pratt enquired why a particular planning application was, after almost a year, there was still no decision. Dist Cllr Ganly to investigate.

The lease for the Bowling Club is in the process of being renewed, with revised rents plus the arrears having been cleared.
Jacqui Harding reported on the seventieth anniversary celebrations commemorating the end of the Second World War with Germany that she is helping to organise. Fun, Games and a contemporary dance with 1940’s dress being encouraged all planned to be part of the day.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:20

Hopefully see you all at the next meeting 14th November.


Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer
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