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Notes from NPC Meeting 17th January

We had a full complement of local Cllrs, although neither of our Dist Cllrs could attend.

There were a complaint about overhanging shrubbery to several properties, which causes great difficulties for those with either walking aids or push chairs; similarly there were also complaints about the disgusting mess at the Surgery Car Park. As every residential property in the village has a green & black bin emptied regularly we can see no need for these larger bins so Council are going to try and have them removed, as most of the mess it would appear is caused by businesses and commercial interests. There are moves afoot to try and resuscitate the Speedwatch activity – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

As a result of vehicular break-ins in this and surrounding villages we are going to look into the cost of CCTV, which may be prohibitive.

Pete Sargent reported on the meeting with the Police & Crime Commissioner which could have been better attended bearing in mind we went to the trouble and expense to print & distribute leaflets to every property in Northiam (including the outlying ones!) and only ninety out of nearly two thousand people bothered to turn up. And now on Northiam & Nearby there are complaints about the Police.

Following a half-hour explanation of her remit and activities, including recent changes, there followed a range of questions from the floor. The Parish Office now has in its possession the phone number and email address of the contact to be made in the event something needs reporting, our contact details are, as always at the end of this missive. We were specifically requested not to publicise these contact details.

Anthony Wontner-Smith advised he had written direct to the Chief Constable about the total lack of Police presence and he urged everybody to do likewise. The more complaints they get, the greater the likelihood of them improving matters.

Cllr Pratt confirmed that, after 34 years, Nigel has departed from the Spar shop. Grateful thanks were expressed for his support over the years.

Cty Cllr Davies reported that ESCC working through the holiday period, except the two main days, had resulted in them receiving a great many calls. Also Sussex Police are offering a Community Support Grant of up to £5,000, but to be applied for before 27th January. ESCC are applying to the Secretary of State to make East Sussex a special case for financial reasons.

Dist Cllr Mooney & Dist Cllr Jenkins were unable to attend

On the planning front, there were six applications, we supported three and one qualified support, the remainder were unsupported; all our comments have been submitted to RDC Planning web site. Regarding Newlands, we are unhappy with RDC’s Planning decision and are looking into ways of having their methods in this particular case investigated.

Verge Grass Cutting the Clerk has been contesting this, all to no avail; it will therefore become necessary to meet with the contractor and arrange the alteration to their contract content.


Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk
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