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Notes from NPC Meeting 13th September

Apart from two of our Cllrs. we had a full contingent plus five members of the public including Sarah Giles of the Conservation Society.

The Chairman had received at late notice alterations to the upgrading of the War Memorial, more of which later.

Public session: Sarah raised the topic of noise pollution and PS suggested she start by approaching Environmental health at RDC; she also raised concerns about solar panels on older properties.


 Cllr Sargent: Announced that our loan application for proposed attempted purchase of the Blue Cross (BX) site has been approved and there is a meeting of the BX trustees this month, Northiam’s proposals are on their agenda. Works to the War Memorial are due to start shortly. The redundant playthings have been removed from the playground and the installation of new items will start week commencing 24th Sept., we have been verbally notified that RDC have granted us support to the tune of around £5,600, we await formal notice. Although we applied for the Sect 106 monies from RDC back in July, after what appears to be a lot of buck passing, they have now decided they need three quotations for the works to the proposed alterations to the football area and recreation ground; A lot of the Trim Trail has been removed to make space for those proposals. An interesting question from PF – as RDC have taken so long to condescend to supply the monies to which we are legally due, will we be receiving the interest on those funds? Clerk to enquire.

Cllr Wontner-Smith: Is concerned about the financial situation at NVHT and suggested we make a contribution; PS explained that as we have already paid them for this year and we have no further allowance in this year’s budget, it will need to be considered by the Finance sub-committee when it meets to calculate next years precept. The NVHT would need to formally write and request additional funds.

Cty Cllr Davies: Had previously submitted a written report but added that overall the GCE results for this year were slightly improved and that instrumental lessons will continue to be available. Also ESCC has been reported as being “outstanding” for their work with families.

Dist Cllr Mooney: Asked about the overgrowth of vegetation to the rear of the Donsmead development, he was advised that this will be and always was to be dealt with by Persimmon’s contractors and was never going to be the responsibility of the Parish Council. Apart from the grant to NPC, RDC have granted £50,000 towards the Rye Harbour regeneration project. It is proposed RDC will be running another consultation soon on their homeless strategy.

On the planning front, there was one application which was not the subject of any objections.

Village Matters:

Scouts: As you probably know the troop has folded due to lack of volunteers to help manage it; we have been approached by their local representative with a view to discussing the hut and its future. We shall invite him to our next meeting.

Cemetery: It was resolved we would investigate a significant “tidy up”, Clerk to contact a contractor.

No Cold Calling Zone: RDC have been approached for permission to fix signage to their street name signs.

Police: Clerk has contacted Police & Crime Commissioner to try and organise a public meeting in the village hall.

War Memorial: It has been necessary to alter the wording on the Memorial which had to be formalised by full Council vote, which successfully followed.

The meeting closed at 8-12 pm


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