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Notes from NPC Meeting 8th March

We were lacking Pete Sargent and one of our District Cllrs, but all other Councillors were present plus seven members of the public.

There was an enquiry as to the effect on the Surgery Car Park by the intended extension to the surgery; it was explained that the encroachment was relatively modest and, should the re-cycle bins be moved to the Village Hall car park, there would be no loss of facility.

A representative of the residents at Six Bells voiced their concern over the parking of cars and driving through the access road, which is the property of the Parish Council and it was agreed to liaise regarding new signage and NPC would write to the school to try and bring some pressure to bear on the parents.

The applicant for Le Chalet tendered his explanation for the application.

RDC will be reviewing Conservation Area boundaries later in the year; as some of the equipment is past its best we are seeking quotations for replacing some of the Playground equipment; it appears that the new regime at the Sports Hall are looking to invest in some extra equipment to encourage greater use by villagers.

There were five planning applications, two of which were supported, another was supported subject to ESCC Highways approval; the application for Ivy Lodge was not supported and further information was requested as RDC’s description and the drawings were at variance with each other.

There was an additional retrospective planning application for holiday accommodation at Egmont Farm which had been received late and entered under late received “Additional Items”; it was supported subject to occupational duration controls.

Following the distribution of the documentation regarding NPC’s proposal for the Blue Cross site during the weekend of 10th & 11th March there will be a Blue Cross Open Day at the Village Hall from 12-00 to 18-00 on the 18th March and the vote count will take place at the same venue 14-30 to 16-00 on 8th April.

There being no further business the official business closed at 20-05.

See you all at April’s meeting at 7-30pm THURSDAY 12th April 2018, which will be the Annual Parish Meeting, where you will hear the annual report, be able to meet your Councillors, ask some questions and have some wine and nibbles.

I look forward to meeting you there


Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk
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