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Notes from 12th September

A relatively quiet and tranquil meeting, with an apology from our Vice Chairman - get well soon Penny! We only had four members of the public.

As a result of the disquiet of one member of the public there was a lengthy discussion on the itinerant ex-offenders attempting aggressive door-to-door selling; it was resolved to investigate the installation of large No Cold Calling signs at either end of the village.

We were fortunate in that our P C S O was able to attend – obviously not too much crime in the area that evening – thank goodness. Regarding the doorstep salesmen, she advised that, if they are unpleasant, threatening and or aggressive, simply telephone 999, ensuring they are aware that you are doing so.

Pete, regarding the library, explained the protracted and pedantic fun & games of trying to get planning permission for a large Portakabin in the grounds of the Village Hall – watch this space!

Dean reported that, in spite of warning notices on all four sides, there are still dog owners allowing their animal/s in to the children’s play area that are leaving their calling cards representing a serious health danger to children.

Tony is liaising with Beckley Parish Council regarding the speed limit he wishes to have altered at Horns Cross.

Both County & District Councillors encouraged the assembly to complain to RDC regarding the proposed £40,000 grant from current funds (rather than Reserves) to Rother Voluntary Action.

The Clerk advised that the lease with the Bowls Club is due for renewal, which is in negotiation, plus rent arrears are being investigated.

There were four planning applications, none of which proved contentious.

In their infinite wisdom RDC are not renewing the barrier at the Surgery car park as an experiment, although Parish Council have let it be known they wish for it to be replaced as soon as possible.

Sarah, from Conservation Society reported on the success of the Speedwatch group she has established and, during its four and a half months has recorded approx one hundred offenders, who will be hearing from the Police!

Finally it was resolved to adopt the Financial Regulations as revised by the National Association of Local Councils.

Hopefully see you all at the next meeting 10th October.


Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer
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