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Notes from NPC Meeting 12th July

A not-quite full house, but not lots of bots on seats – it does make it more rewarding  for your volunteer Councillors when more locals turn up and take an interest in what is, and is not, going on in the village.

Apart from two of our Cllrs, including the Chairman, and one Dist Cllr we had a full contingent plus five members of the public including Sarah Giles of the Conservation Society.

We have received some of the Donsmead money intended for library purposes, so now the Parish Council can proceed with renovations and improvements; having said that ESCC have paid the rent up to November, so don’t expect overnight transformation! By the time you read this there will have been a meeting twixt NPC & the library volunteers.

There has been the annual meeting with ESCC Highways; there are draft Minutes on the web site or a copy can be viewed in the office.

Progress on the Donsmead monies for the Recreation Ground was queried, but it was pointed out that, like the building of Rome, these things will not happen overnight as both ESCC and RDC are involved – Update – we have progressed (I think that’s the polite term for chased) RDC, but still await formal notification. Also due to the proposed amendments it will be necessary to make certain changes to the Fitness Trail, which was unanimously approved.

We have ordered some new kit for the children’s Playground, some of which is aimed at slightly older children. Let us hope they use it to work of steam, rather than some of the more destructive activities that have been taking place of late! We have applied for Grant Aid towards the cost and now await a decision from RDC.

Nothing further to report on Blue Cross.  No further news on the Pretious Sports Hall.

On the planning front, there were three applications none of which were the subject of any objections.

We have received formal approval from RDC regarding the proposed works to the War Memorial and we are now seeking tenders for the necessary works.

As a result of the consultation about cold callers in the Ghyllside area it has been decided to go forward with the installation, but guidance from ESCC is needed and currently being sought.

There were some complaints about some gardens with overgrown hedges obstructing the roads & paths; it was suggested that an informal approach by one or other of your Parish Councillors should be undertaken prior to the Clerk writing to the offenders, pointing out that it they do not cut them back then ESCC will - and send them a bill for doing so.

Apparently all the allotments are now taken up, so there is now a waiting list.

The meeting closed at 8-15 pm

Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk
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