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Notes from 9th January

Quite a busy meeting, with around forty members of the public, as well as almost a full complement of Cllrs. Luckily the main hall was available as it would have been a squeeze in the Jenkins Room!

The main news of the evening was that we have exchanged contracts for the purchase of the Blue Cross site, which will now revert to its original title of St Francis Fields. We will be completing the purchase on January 17th after which there will be a chance for everyone in the village to attend open week-ends on the 1st/2nd and 8th/9th February and see over the site at which there will be an opportunity to offer suggestions for ways forward.

The other exciting thing is that the order for the new library’s home has been placed, which will be a purpose built PortaCabin to be located on the land in front of the Village Hall making it more accessible for all, including car parking.

The Horns Cross speeding consultation elicited over 400 replies virtually all of which supported us having a speed survey carried out by ESCC – for which we have to pay £500, which seems strange as one might expect ESCC highways authority to be responsible for such costs.

There was only one non-contentious planning application.

It was also resolved to set the precept at £100,000, up from the previous £50,000 to allow for starting to pay for the loan, bearing in mind we still have reserves which allows us to keep the reduced precept for the next four or five years.

So your Parish Council will continue to do its best to improve matters in and around the village, but it would make it easier if more people would involve themselves by attending the monthly meetings; remember it is YOUR village.



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