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Notes from NPC Meeting 7th June

Lovely to see! A not-quite full house, but lots of bots on seats – it makes it more rewarding when more locals turn up.

Apart from one of our Cllrs and our County Cllr we had a full contingent PLUS SEVENTEEN MEMBERS of the public.

We were updated on the library by one of the volunteers and it looks like we should be getting some additional books in the not too dim and distant future; we had the new Chairman of the Conservation Society introduce herself; there were questions regarding hedges that may need attention; progress on the Donsmead monies for the Recreation Ground was queried, but it was pointed out that, like the building of Rome, these things will not happen overnight as both ESCC and RDC are involved.

Pete reported on his meetings with the Blue Cross who, it appears, are being a great deal more communicative and in fact permitted all Councillors to view the site recently. He has also had a further meeting with the surgery regarding the car park, but as with other things, it will not happen overnight especially as there seems to be a hold up in that formal valuation has yet to take place.

Apparently the Pretious Sports Hall is proving to be solvent and some new equipment is being purchased.

On the planning front, of seven applications we only had to take issue with one, which involves the building of three houses on the Newlands site. This property has been the subject of several previous applications and appeals, all of which to date have been refused.

We are still awaiting formal approval from RDC regarding the proposed works to the War Memorial and we need some new equipment in the Playground and as a result we are seeking match funding from RDC.

There has been a consultation about cold callers in the Ghyllside area which has resulted in the Council will be installing suitable signage and guidance.

Your Clerk has addressed a couple of complaints; one about a local tradesman lacking control over his dogs, plus another regarding the necessarily stringent application of rat poison in the vicinity of a food outlet to protect other animals and wildlife.

Our internal audit having been completed Council resolved to adopt the results and its accompanying report which will now be submitted to external auditors and, finally, it was resolved to grant a new twenty one year licence to the football club with a modest increase in rental.

The meeting closed at 8-15 pm

Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk
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