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Notes from NPC Meeting 12th October

Good old Blue Cross – it’s quite the magnet!

It’s amazing the draw that the Blue Cross has on some people. We convened as usual last Thursday and, apart from a full complement of Councillors of varying Councils, we had eighteen members of the public – we even had to get out extra chairs!

The first item raised by a volunteer at the library requesting the Council’s support in the event that ESCC decide to cease supplying and supporting it. We were advised that NPC had met with our County Councillor, who is very supportive of retaining the service and enquiries were being made about the funds due from the Donsmead development “to support library function in the area”, but the so called consultation ends 14 December, so you have the opportunity to submit your views at www.eastsussex.gov.uk/librarystrategy  Watch this space as the saying goes.

There were two planning applications, one was supported by the Parish Council the other one has been referred to the Planning Committee via our District Councillor. More details on these applications can be found within the minutes which are displayed on the Parish notice boards round the village.

There was a request to have the Blue Cross Oast listed, which has the support of the Conservation Society, but it would appear that due to the criteria involved it may not be successful.

There have been complaints about activities at Cavix Field which are being investigated.

The protection of our investments at Hodge Bank were questioned, it was suggested we might consider restructuring to make each account within the protected level and another member suggested an alternative investment with a French Bank for a better rate of interest.

Regarding Blue X the Council have submitted a formal response to the submission by Savills, which RDC have acknowledged

On to happier matters – The annual Carol Service around the tree on the green will take place 5th December with the usual refreshments in the Church Hall afterwards and, following the theft of lighting equipment last year, we are in the process of obtaining replacements.

We will remember them - There will be a remembrance service on the green and the Council will be placing a wreath in honour of our war dead.

Don’t forget the next meeting is 9th November 2017 – See you there!

Ray Harrington-Lowe – Parish Clerk
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