June 2017

It has been a while since we gave you news of how the Helping Hands scheme is going; so we thought our Northiam neighbours might be interested to have news of our experience so far in responding to the various requests that we have received since being ‘in business’.

The services we have provided have been as follows:

Minor DIY jobs
Putting out wheelie bins
Minor computer-related help

Everyone we have helped has reported having had a really good experience with our lovely volunteers and have expressed their thanks for the help with these small jobs that they could not do themselves.

So, please don’t forget that we are always here to help. If you are unsure as to whether or not your need falls within our scope of abilities, (or seems too silly to bother us with!) why not just pick up the phone and chat to our phone-holder.  He or she can listen to what you need and, if we cannot cover that particular job, we can always give you advice as to where else to turn.

07522 473173

Please be ready to leave a message on this number with your full name, a phone number and a brief description of what you need.   We will call you back, either the same day, or the day after.  We cannot react to emergencies and will usually need a few days’ notice to choose the right volunteer for the task.  The volunteer will then contact you and make the appointment to come to your home.  Volunteers are issued with an identify badge, with a photo of themselves, so that you will know you have a secure response.  We will be happy to help – so just ask. 

And, again, a huge thanks to all those wonderful people who came forward to make this scheme a reality – our lovely volunteers!

Carol (Ward) Tel: 253899 carol.f.ward@btinternet.com

Jackie Russell helpinghandsnorthiam@gmail.com